Introducing . . . . . .

The Twilight Troubadour

Entertainment highlighting those special years gone by

Music is our constant companion. It is a source of enjoyment through every stage of our life. Our memories are enhanced by those special songs from those special times.

My guitar and I are here to bring those memories alive!


By playing guitar I am able to stroll through the audience during a performance and get up close and personal with my attendees.

My plan is to arrive thirty minutes before the show and walk through the residence visiting the seniors who may not be able to come to the concert. I’ll stop by their rooms and play them a song. Moments produced during this time are so special! While I can’t guarantee this half hour, enjoying it as much as I do, I’ll make every effort to be there.

What I will promise is an hour-long show that everyone will enjoy!

The Twilight Trubadour
Naperville, IL 60540

John P. Muhlenfeld
111 Waterford Court
Cell - (630) 887-6487